Live Streaming

Our StoryLink toolkit builds on our 40+ years to video and event production experience, providing a comprehensive range of video streaming services to help organizations to engage their broader communities:

    • Streaming event design, navigating the creative and technical challenges required to produce a stream as an engaging and memorable experience for remote participants.
    • Studio stream production, filming one or more presenters in our Lansing studio with high quality video and audio, multiple cameras, studio lighting, a range of backdrop options, and available presentation techniques such as through-the-glass whiteboard.
    • Remote stream production, bringing HD video equipment on location to connect people with high quality and reliability, often integrated with live events.
    • 360 spherical video live streaming, providing an immersive link that connects stream participants into remote environments with an intuitive interface.
    • Presenter support, providing both studio and remote presenters with coaching and equipment to improve stream production value and presentation quality.
    • Stream integration, engineering solutions to collect streaming video from multiple live sources, process and switch those sources, add in graphics and other framing elements, and relay the finished stream on for delivery to a wide range of services.
    • Stream hosting, through our accounts on a range of streaming platforms.
    • Stream post production, package editing segments and excerpts from live streams for secondary deliver following the event.
    • Motion design, animation, and storytelling video production, producing elements prior to the stream for roll-in, elevating and extending the stream experience.

This has been a challenging year to say the least but we pushed through it together and found ways to stay safe while still staying connected. We met some of your kids, cats and dogs. We had coffee together while in the comfort of a zoom meeting. We laughed at the virtual backgrounds, the PJ's, the social media memes but we also shared some pretty serious moments during some pretty scary times. Take a closer look at our 2020 and what we did to stay connected.

We firmly believe in the power of video to build community, and are eager to support others as they work to do just that. In order to responsibly provide tours of our studio space to interested clients, we recently produced a quick video tour. Please check it out!