Raising the Bar for Industry Trade Shows

As part of the Sintokogio Group, the Michigan-based Roberts Sinto Corporation is a global business enterprise, with 25 companies in 12 countries. As an integral part of the manufacturing sector, the company produces metal foundry and casting equipment. These machines are immense—so Sinto invited us to help make them portable.

In 2008, the Roberts Sinto Corporation approached our team to create a video showcasing the value and specifications of their equipment. The company visits numerous trade shows each year, but their products were simply too large to transport.

Our teams worked together to create a basic video loop that could be updated and repurposed as needed for future trade show appearances. After a few years of working together, however, Sinto started to suggest much bigger ideas to represent their products.

In preparation for a very large, very visible manufacturing expo, our teams worked together to create a series of innovative stereoscopic 3D films. This would be shown in a customized “theater” at the expo to highlight how Sinto’s products are being used and customized all over the world. We also ensured that the film could run in 2D for the Sinto website and other use.

Our team filmed the Sinto equipment in action in Michigan, Japan and China, and built the stereoscopic theater within the Sinto expo exhibit. When audiences watched the final 3D videos, they saw how the Sinto machines fit together to produce high-quality output, how all the machine components interconnect, how they work, and what the total system can achieve in efficiency and results.

Through these projects, our team built on its early expertise in 3D video technology. We earned two Bronze Telly awards for this work – while Sinto maximized its trade show profile and, ultimately, its sales.