Harley Owners Group® Intl. Leadership Training

Harley-Davidson® needed an officer training program for leaders of the Harley Owners Groups (H.O.G.®) across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. (Essentially, the same requirements MessageMakers fulfills for over 3,000 volunteer officers of H.O.G. chapters in the U.S.)

As the executive producer of this program, MessageMakers provides an all-inclusive offering of event support services, including site planning, program agenda development, logistics planning, on-site event and experience production, development of all course content and materials, management and translation of materials from English into six other languages (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Norwegian and Dutch), and development/production of all video and general session presentations.

These events have directly led to an increase in chapter participation, reduced chapter issues and increased membership, as well as increased member riding miles. Participant satisfaction rates consistently average between 97% and 98%, high by any measurement criteria.