GreenStone Farm Credit Services

Growing Results in Rural Lending

GreenStone Farm Credit Services is one of America’s largest rural lenders. Headquartered in East Lansing, Michigan, GreenStone provides financial services to the agricultural industry and rural consumers in Michigan and northeast Wisconsin. When it comes to telling their story, GreenStone calls on our team.

Our collaboration began several years ago, when GreenStone issued an RFP for a 20-minute employee orientation video. As the winning bidder, we immediately launched the discovery process to better understand GreenStone’s needs, plans, and objectives.

Along with the orientation video, there was a need for multiple videos of different lengths, styles, and content to reach both employees and potential customers. We produced all of these videos over the course of several months, seeking out the right people to put in front of the camera to communicate the GreenStone narrative.

Building on creative direction established in these videos, GreenStone asked us to help them build awareness of their products and services. This called for the creation of vibrant, attention-grabbing television spots to reach a broader public audience. We first designed and animated a single television spot, which over several years expanded into a series of approximately 20 TV spots, radio commercials, and web videos featuring various GreenStone products.

As a result of the tactics we chose together, GreenStone has seen growth and increased market penetration throughout Michigan and northeast Wisconsin. They are a shining example of the success that can be achieved through effective communication.