MessageMakers offers a variety of free resources and ideas to help you with your communication needs. Check back—we'll keep adding more!

a. Have you ever considered which conflict-handling method you tend to use-avoidance, compromise, domination, giving in, or collaboration? This survey will help you understand your natural response to conflict situations. Download PDF.
b. Looking for guidelines to use in your brainstorming and visioning meetings? The dialogue guidelines were designed to frame and stimulate productive brainstorming conversations and to help shape the creative vision. Download PDF.
c. Do-It-Yourself Research helps you get feedback on your communications. Try conducting this simple research once a year for insights on your communication practices. Download PDF.
d. How was it? This simple Experience Evaluation Tool allows you to evaluate the experiences that attendees have at your events or training workshops through a visual display of energy levels — and it takes only 30 seconds. Download PDF.
e. Interested in making videos but unsure what the process would look like? ‘So You Want to Make a Video’ will walk you through the video production process, and define common terms in video production you're likely to hear. Download PDF.