Adult Learning Quick Takes: Directed

Over the next few weeks, we're discussing some foundational information related to adult learning, based on the acronym "ADULT." Today, D:

Adults are DIRECTED. They are goal-oriented. Adult learners will come into your course looking for just what they need and no more.

Judging the Aurora Awards

MessageMakers often submits its work to awards competitions and waits eagerly to hear the judging results. Today, the tables were turned.

As a winner of Aurora Awards in the past, including a platinum best of show, this year MessageMakers' staff was invited to judge some of the video submissions.

Adult Learning Quick Takes: Active

Over the next few weeks, we'll share some foundational information related to adult learning. The acronym "ADULT" is a good one to guide us.

This week, A:

Adult brains are ACTIVE. Adult learners may look like they are attentively listening, but their brains are busy.

Music Video: “Wake Up” Your Kids

MessageMakers is glad to partner with the Verve Pipe to create a music video of its recent live performance of "Wake Up" from A Family Album at the Mid-Michigan Children's Museum. Feel free to use it to wake up the kids in your life.

Quick Tech Tip: Copy Old MS Word Documents Before Opening

Here's another quick tech tip for your Friday.

If your office is like ours, you've upgraded through a few versions of Microsoft Word and have a variety of older (but important) Word documents archived on your servers and in other locations.

File listing showing old file that was automatically resaved by Microsoft Word

I have made the mistake of opening these older documents directly from the server.