6 Factors to Improve Meeting Quality

What's the worst meeting experience you can remember having? What made it so bad?

In our experience, there are six factors that combine to make a meeting a good one... or a bad one. Some of these sound like common sense—but you'd be surprised how often these items aren't addressed by meeting and event planners.

MessageMakers Website Redesign Wins 2011 Summit Creative Award

Over the past year, MessageMakers has redesigned this website and been at work to expand the useful content we provide. Today, we received word that the redesign has been recognized with a bronze award from the 2011 Summit Creative Award competition.

"Many people put many hours into this redesign, and now we're seeing the results," says Matt Penniman, one of the lead developers on the MessageMakers website redesign.

Celebrating 2011’s Michigan 50 Companies to Watch

The staff of MessageMakers had a great time at the seventh annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business event, held April 28 at the Lansing Center. At the event, MessageMakers was honored as one of the 2011 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch,” an awards program sponsored by the Edward Lowe Foundation and presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business.

Review: How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

During a recent business trip, I ended up with a few hours free to escape to the pool with a book. I eventually settled upon Arnold Bennett's productivity short How to Live on 24 Hours a Day, published in 1908. (You can get a free copy for the device of your choice.

“Sophisticated” Brainstorming

Ever heard of the Sophists? Even if you haven't, you may have some ideas as to their character based on our modern words sophistry or sophisticated. They don't have the best of reputations.

The Sophists were a group of Greek traveling teachers. Philosophers like Plato and Aristotle looked down on them because they tended to focus more on teaching people to win debates than on searching for truth.

Do You Discuss or Dialogue?

It's impossible to be in business—or any group endeavor, really—without meetings. (If you find a way, let me know.)

How those meetings are run makes a world of difference to how productive they are—and how connected people feel to “the cause.”

It can be easy for a discussion to degrade into a monologue by those in charge about what they want, rather than a rich sharing of everyone's thoughts and assessments.

Trainer Tips for Active Adult Brains

We recently posted about how adult learners are active—their brains are always at work, and any learning experience is competing with everything else going on for attention. We wanted to go further and share a few tips for dealing with this state of affairs.

2011 in Review: 11 Best Learning Design Posts

2011's end provides a great opportunity to review the accomplishments of the year. We'll be reviewing this year's best, most helpful content on this blog.

Today: our 11 best learning design advice posts.

42 Things Science Fiction Can Teach Us About Learning – The best of our literature opens a window to who we are and what we're capable of.