Videos for Michigan State University

It's been our pleasure to work with various departments and divisions of Michigan State University to create great video work. We've not yet shared those here, so enjoy a few samples.

Here is "Wharton Center Beyond the Stage," winner of a 2010 Communicator Award of Distinction:

We've also recently produced "The Bioeconomy" (2010 Bronze Telly), a James Madison College video series (2009 Hermes Creative Platinum Award), and Academic Computing & Network Services' "50 Years of Computing" (2008 Bronze Telly, 2007 Ava Platinum Award).

Thanks, MSU, for being such a great partner.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Double Your Festival Fundraising, Sponsorships and Volunteers

Our president, Terry Terry, will be presenting a workshop entitled "Tips and Tricks to Help You Double Your Festival Fundraising, Sponsorships and Volunteers" at the Michigan Festivals & Events Association's 19th annual convention on Friday, Nov. 4 at 1:45 pm at Kalamazoo Radisson Plaza Hotel in Kalamazoo, MI.

Nothing keeps festivals going and growing so much as the contributions of sponsors and volunteers.

Launching “Only Fair Is Fair”

Today and tomorrow, Michigan's Department of Civil Rights is rolling out a public service campaign entitled "Only Fair Is Fair," produced by MessageMakers.

The idea for a public service campaign from MDCR came shortly after Director Daniel H. Krichbaum joined the department in March 2010. “This team does important work,” Director Krichbaum said.

What Does a Trainer Need to Know or Do?

What does it take to be a good trainer? What is the rubric of things to know and be able to do?

Great question.

We routinely develop train-the-trainers programs to prepare individuals to facilitate on a variety of topics, and while every program and every individual's needs are a little different, here is an overview of items to consider.

Searching for Festival Volunteers

MessageMakers is proud to support local festivals like Lansing JazzFest, Old Town BluesFest, and the new Michigan Mosaic Music Festival.

Have you experienced these local gems? Want to keep them free for the whole region? Interested in serving your community while listening to great live music? Sign up online to volunteer!

Our friends at Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art (MICA, the festivals' producer) will gladly get you scheduled.

How to Find Good Topics for Media Releases

I'm at work on music festival PR this week.

Once you've handled news releases for the same event for a few years, it can be a challenge to feel like you're writing something new, especially when some details don't change. It's worth it to break out of the boilerplate and grab journalists and audiences' interest, though.

What Makes a Good Event PSA?

We recently completed and posted to our YouTube feed some PSAs for upcoming local festivals, and it got me thinking about what it takes to create a good event PSA. How do you make your 30 seconds count?

Make your audience want to go. What will they enjoy about the event? Great music? Inspirational speakers? The latest scientific findings? A vaguely business-related event that is also convenient to a tropical beach in the wintertime?

Give them an idea of what to expect.

MessageMakers: Latest SBAM Approved Partner

MessageMakers is proud to announce our partnership with the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM). As the latest Small Business Association of Michigan “Approved Partner,” we provide substantial discounts to SBAM members on video production services, corporate training programs and event planning.