How Do You Handle Conflict?

All people have a conflict-handling method toward which they naturally gravitate. Have you ever considered which one you tend to use—or whether it's the best one for the job when you find yourself embroiled in a conflict?

Your options include:

Avoidance: ignoring a conflict rather than resolving it with the other person.

16 Trade Show Marketing Basics

This trade show is BORING. You can do better!

If you're just getting started in tradeshow work, here are a few pointers to consider to get the most from your trade show dollars and make your booth as engaging as possible.

The closer you are to the focal point of the trade show floor, the better.

How Do You Assess the Effectiveness of Learning Experiences?

When you plan a learning experience, how do you plan to assess the outcomes of that experience? How do you know if it was effective?

Participants' ratings at the end of the experience: This is one common means of assessment. It's good for capturing what participants think while the experience is fresh in their minds, but doesn't give a sense of what they go on to do with the learning they gained.

10 Questions to Ask When You Want to Make a Video

As a provider of video production services, we daily help people plan out their vision for a new video product. Here are 10 questions we ask our clients to help them frame their expectations—they may be helpful to you as well.

Why do you want to do this? What do you expect to achieve? Are there specific objectives for this video?

What will this video do that your website or other aspects of your marketing communications don't already do?

In general terms, how would you characterize or describe the audience(s) for this video? Who are they demographically and where are they geographically?

How will this video be used? For example, will it be used for fundraising, on the Web, for PSAs, social media, paid broadcast/cable TV media, live audiences, trade show or POP displays, etc.

In Praise of After-Action Reviews

Festival season, which started for me in early spring, just ended this week. (MessageMakers may be involved in other festivals, but my major involvement in festivals is complete for 2011.)

This week I've had the job of debriefing the experiences and developing plans for improving things for next year.

EMPixx Award Win!

Great news! We received news that MessageMakers has received two 2011 EMPixx Awards.

The video "7 Million Pounds" for the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey, received a platinum EMPixx Award.

"The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties fights overwhelming need with an equally tremendous effort," says Tom Lietz, senior video producer.

Join Us at Old Town BluesFest!

We're always glad when Old Town BluesFest time rolls around – it brings phenomenal performances and a great party quite literally to our doorstep.

Join us Friday for the celebration in the streets! We'll be working to produce the event (part of the whole "founding sponsor" gig), but you can enjoy happy hour 4-5 pm with free entry to the beverage tent as you listen to The Hoopties featuring Twyla Birdsong on our doorstep.

4 Considerations for a Multilingual Event

I'm working on some final preparations for a multilingual event today and wanted to share some basic considerations you'll need to consider if you are planning a multilingual meeting.

Ask yourself: What will be in writing? These things will (understandably) need to be translated.

Remembering 10 Years of the Lansing City Pulse

Lansing City Pulse, a fixture of local events and politics reporting, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Editor and publisher Berl Schwartz recalls the first time he put out the paper, helped by MessageMakers graphic designer Steve Kovar. Naturally, it was a match made just hours before deadline.