Keeping Communities Strong, Safe and Connected

Keeping Communities Strong, Safe and Connected

At MessageMakers, we recognize the current global health situation and are monitoring it closely for the potential impact on our community, employees, vendors and clients. We’re doing our best to keep everyone safe and healthy in the workplace and minimize disruptions to day-to-day operations, while still attending to our clients’ needs. 

We are working with our clients to continue to prioritize community building in one way or another, finding alternatives for some of the face-to-face approaches that have historically drawn their communities together. 

Such as:

  • The transition from in-person events to digital live streaming events on social media channels 
  • Holding offshoot Q&A sessions and networking opportunities — entirely online
  • Using digital platforms to communicate including Facebook, Zoom, Instagram, Twitter and Google Hangouts 
  • Using video, podcasts and live streaming to continue communication efforts 

We recognize that there are many rumors and different sources of information about COVID-19, so we are relying on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Ingham County Health Department for accurate and up-to-date information. We will continue to update our response as the situation unfolds. The safety of our employees and clients is our top priority. 

Here are some additional resources on COVID-19 as it relates to event planning:


Wash your hands, drink plenty of water and stay healthy.