Welcoming a New Eye for Graphic Design

Welcoming a New Eye for Graphic Design

Four years ago, Lisa Twenter worked as a Graphic Design intern with MessageMakers. Once her internship ended, she continued to explore other opportunities and fine-tune her skills. Fortunately for MessageMakers, she kept in contact and returned this past May to take on a full-time role as graphic designer.

Lisa has been able to showcase her versatility across a wide variety of design challenges. Some recent projects include composing a collection of festival items, signage, and outside printing.

Lisa holds a degree in Graphic Design from Lansing Community College (LCC). She was able to apply her graphic design background as she worked in publication for City Pulse.

“I’m surprised I had publication work. I thought I would never use it,” Lisa said, “But my course work at LCC proved worthwhile. My time there prepared me well for the real world. They were great at giving you the hands-on experience you need to succeed.”

Her reputation at City Pulse landed her another opportunity as Art Director as she took on new publication work for Capitol Area Women’s Lifestyle magazine and GLBM.

Lisa loves the hands-on aspects of art, such as letter press, and enjoys attending workshops at Detroit’s Signal-Return – a lovely resource to produce and sell your own work from their letter press machines.

Lisa is excited about MessageMaker’s direction. “I’m excited to see these festivals and events grow and succeed, knowing I had a hand in making that image possible. The clients are eager and have unique ideas. I’m excited to learn the new ways I can help them.”

We look forward to a great design future at MessageMakers with Lisa Twenter in the lead.