Promoting Michigan’s Global Initiatives

Promoting Michigan’s Global Initiatives

MessageMakers was doing global work long before globalization was a hot topic. Since our beginning, we have served educational institutions worldwide. This year, MessageMakers was very pleased to help promote several global initiatives for Michigan, aiming to strengthen our state's economy by promoting exports and retaining top global talent.

Global Trade Days

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Export Assistance division wanted to increase facilitated exports for the 2014 fiscal year by persuading Michigan-based businesses to participate in trade fairs and missions, raising awareness of export support resources, and creating excitement for opportunities to increase export revenue. They were particularly interested in promoting learning via Global Trade Days, an event that introduced the foreign directors of Michigan's trade offices to companies – of all sizes and experience levels – in engineering services, manufacturing, and high tech sectors.

MessageMakers helped produced the event through facilitation of three main aspects. We provided creative services, including creative message development, speech coaching and preparation, presentation design, and video recording. We offered A/V support services, such as lights, sound and projection, and room decor and atmosphere. We incorporated interactive aspects such as audience polling via text-messaging, as well as action plans and take-home support materials.

Through design, planning and delivery of the production, we delivered a transformative experience. We closely collaborated with the MEDC event team before and during each Global Trade Days event to prepare presenters, manage A/V, and run the program.

Global Lansing

Global Lansing sought to raise its own profile as well as that of its signature internship program, the "Getting Started" Fellowship Program, through video storytelling that captured the experience of several program participants and outlined the overall Global Lansing initiative. The program strives to create a more global Lansing community by addressing access to internships and jobs for international students, and increasing the global competitiveness of Greater Lansing businesses.

Our plan was not just to promote the program, but to create a library of material for use in future projects. MessageMakers provided sponsorship to ensure delivery of high-quality video.

The video work provided an overview of Global Lansing’s efforts, and the opportunities that Greater Lansing’s international population represents. MessageMakers produced half-day shoots that included interviews with participating students and employers, and supporting footage of the students’ daily activities at businesses. We collaborated with Global Lansing to develop draft video outlines, review existing support footage, develop shoot schedules, capture high-definition footage, finalize scripts, and edit and master video before delivery and distribution.

MessageMakers participated in the program as well, sharing our perspective on how the program brings fresh cultural perspectives to interested businesses. Among the highlighted participants was Igor Houwat, who has stayed on with MessageMakers and researches markets and export opportunities for international expansion.

Global Talent Retention Initiative

Today's economy features fierce competition for college graduates and advanced degree holders. To ensure economic success, Michigan must attract and retain a highly educated workforce.

The Global Talent Retention Initiative of Michigan (GTRI of Michigan) – the nation’s first international student talent retention program – wanted to increase awareness of the Global Opportunity Employer Program (GOemployer), debunk the myth that hiring international workers displaces American workers, and affect change in the hiring process of international students.

To help achieve these objectives, MessageMakers produced an informative and inspirational video to serve as a key voice for the GTRI on their website, at conferences and at speaking engagements. The video uses narrative and interviews to deliver key information with regards to how hiring international students and immigrants can sustain economic growth and job creation for MI residents, fills immediate talent needs, and invests in our economic future.

The GTRI of Michigan collaborates with over 20 colleges and universities to retain the state’s international student talent pool and fill high-level tech positions.