Launching “Only Fair Is Fair”

Launching “Only Fair Is Fair”

Today and tomorrow, Michigan's Department of Civil Rights is rolling out a public service campaign entitled "Only Fair Is Fair," produced by MessageMakers.

The idea for a public service campaign from MDCR came shortly after Director Daniel H. Krichbaum joined the department in March 2010. “This team does important work,” Director Krichbaum said. “And it benefits everyone. But people don’t seem to know much about their civil rights and responsibilities. We want to start changing that.”

The campaign was created by The Mark Lantz Project in Birmingham and produced by MessageMakers in Lansing. Branding consultant Mark Lantz, one of the creators of the award-winning Pure Michigan campaign, was brought in to help MDCR shape its story. “A lot of people think civil rights is an us-versus-them thing,” Lantz said. “We wanted to drive home the message that civil rights is for all of us: No matter how different we might seem, we all have the same rights. That’s what fairness is all about.”

MessageMakers' videographers brought together a diverse set of individuals to interact on sets in Lansing and metro Detroit, gathering assets for the video PSAs and print ads from the same shoot. Meanwhile, professional audio engineers recorded the voiceover narration for the video PSA and the tracks to be combined into the multi-voice MDCR radio PSA.

MDCR reached out to the civil rights community of Michigan to take part in the production. Starring in the campaign are representatives from American Civil Liberties Union, Hope Network, Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan, US Attorney’s Office (Eastern District) of Michigan, Philippine American Community Center of Michigan, WISDOM (Women’s Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue and Outreach in MetroDetroit) and more.

Director Krichbaum added, “We were thrilled so many of our partner organizations wanted to help out with this message. Civil rights is all about people coming together for the greater good. And that’s what this campaign is about, too.”

The first TV PSA, "Different/Same," has been released. Put it on your website, your Twitter feed, your Facebook page. Pass it along to your e-mail database—any and every place we can capture a little more attention to this much needed message. Civil rights is about community. And that’s what this campaign is all about.