Web Registration for Event Participants and Volunteers

Web Registration for Event Participants and Volunteers

How do you handle registration for volunteers and event participants? Have you found a web registration solution that you like? We've tried a few without being too impressed.

All this changed recently, as MessageMakers signed on with TRS (short for "The Registration System") as an official source.

TRS provides very powerful software to make your registration web site as simple or complex as you like. Whether you have a conference with 100 breakouts with different groups of people eligible to attend and different needs for follow-up e-mails ... or just want to sell tickets to your event and know how many vegetarian entrees to order ... TRS can meet your needs. They've supported everything from federal conferences at the highest levels of security to national and international sporting events (ever hear of the NCAA Final Four Tournament or the PGA Tour?) to countless local events that need help organizing and tracking their volunteers.

MessageMakers' partnership with TRS brings you this highest-quality service for a lower price than otherwise available. Our staff will meet with you to ensure that your needs are met and do the basic setup; TRS's specialists will handle back-end programming. By each focusing on what we do best, everyone wins.

For more information, check out our MM TRS Event Advantage data sheet.