Quick Tech Tip: Copy Old MS Word Documents Before Opening

Here's another quick tech tip for your Friday.

If your office is like ours, you've upgraded through a few versions of Microsoft Word and have a variety of older (but important) Word documents archived on your servers and in other locations.

File listing showing old file that was automatically resaved by Microsoft Word

I have made the mistake of opening these older documents directly from the server. For some reason, Microsoft Word upon opening these files resaves them in an updated format—which changes the date stamped on the file. This can be unfortunate for your recordkeeping as to the age or versioning of files (or the age of a project!).

Other programs, like InDesign, will ask you if you want to save an old file in the new format—but not Word.

So the best strategy I've found is to always copy these old files to my desktop before opening and then open them from there—almost as easy, and avoids messing up the file archives.