Video Support for The Verve Pipe’s A Family Album

Video Support for The Verve Pipe’s A Family Album

MessageMakers is glad to announce the release of a promotional video we produced to promote The Verve Pipe’s new album, A Family Album.


The kids' concerts in the video were organized to promote the album. At the shows, kids were dancing and having a good time with the band. It is rare to see a rock band cultivating relationship and music with kids.

“Verve Pipe is a perfect application,” said Angela Barris from Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, a concert venue, “because we know that many children, elementary children especially, all learn in a different way.”

Cover of The Verve Pipe's A Family AlbumAmid Verve Pipe’s fun and energetic shows, kids were learning about the joy of being a part of a family and being inspired to express themselves with musical instruments. After the shows and even during the shows, the band interacted with kids musically, letting them play the guitar or the drums to their hearts’ content.

“It’s important that we inspire kids to pick up instruments,” said Brian Vander Ark, singer and guitarist for The Verve Pipe. “I found my way of expressing myself, and that was through the guitar.”

On the opposite side, the band learned from the kids, too. In fact, their music was a celebration of childhood. Childhood is fun, full of possibilities, and more importantly, it has no fear. “I think being a kid at heart is (the) most important thing,” said Brian.

As a local band founded in East Lansing in 1992, The Verve Pipe was happy to connect the community with music, the universal language as they visited elementary and middle schools around the area to promote the new album.