From small boardroom conferences to full-scale convention center tradeshows, MessageMakers thrives on the challenging event goals of our clients. Our full-service event planning and production services have served thousands of attendees from across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Africa - in seven languages - for years.

As part of many of these packages, we also provide curriculum development, training of the trainers, and development of media and print materials to fit the events. Looking for a partner to provide just equipment or crew or just media production to support your event? We can do that, too.

For help planning, producing, or managing your next association or corporate event, contact us to see how our planners can help make it a success.



MessageMakers’ video production services are well known in the industry. We have produced a wide range of award-winning videos, ranging from spontaneous street interviews to sensational high-definition short films that utilize footage from chase boats and helicopters.

Complementing our leading-edge technology and technical skills is our unique ability to create and script story lines that transform every client’s vision into an effective messaging asset. We routinely organize all aspects of pre-production (scripting, location, casting, sets, storyboards and more), on-site production, and post-production (editing, scheduling, vendors, final formats), including managing and providing motion graphics and post-effects as desired. We also provide support to other producers looking for additional staff and resources for all or part of a production.

At any moment in time, we’re working on over 20 video projects, including short films, corporate video productions, pre-production, post-production, motion graphics and more.



MessageMakers’ corporate training programs are custom learning and performance-improving programs built to suit your organization’s needs and enhance your competitive edge by heightening employees’ abilities.

Our learning programs include integral aspects of teaching and learning, such as participative emphasis, performance accountability, progressive integration, evaluation setting, immediate feedback, interactivity, flexibility, and carefully crafted supplementary materials. All of these elements work together to support the program’s effectiveness.

Our research guides us as we identify and fill the gap between what the audience already can do and needs to learn to do. Simple concept, but you’d be surprised how often trainers recite to a group what they already know. We provide the knowledge, skill and materials to effectively educate and reach clients’ goals for real change and action.

Be it sales process improvement, employee orientations, consumer education, technical skills or competency-based training, MessageMakers can assist in your instructional design and corporate training program needs.



Many people think of a logo when they think of branding – but a brand identity is more. It’s a clear picture of an organization’s values and “story,” along with the means to tell that story. This may include text as well as “look and feel” visual elements such as logos, type treatments, colors, photos, video and more. The goal is to create a compelling story that inspires your audience to develop an emotional connection, and ultimately to take action.

In order to be effective, a brand should identify, unify, and differentiate the messages of a given company or organization. It should be an integral component of its print, digital, and personal outreach methods. Its implementation in visual form may include a logo, standard fonts, a standard color scheme, a slogan and tagline, etc. These identity markers become a component of all future promotion. For full effectiveness, they must be used in a consistent and disciplined manner, which may be fixed through a graphic standards manual.