For more than 35 years, MessageMakers has delivered quality marketing and communications services for a globally diverse clientele nationally and in more than thirty international markets. We design, develop and produce innovative, award-winning programs that bring corporate, brand and organization messages to life. As the leader in creating experiences that transform, we aspire to create experiences that achieve powerful and measurable results.

Our Vision

To make positive change in the world by creating experiences that transform.

Our Creative Process

Our CREATIVE PROCESS is iterative — a balance between preparing and making, a mix of analysis and imagination, a progression of client reviews and approvals actualized through discovery, reflection, dreaming, designing, and delivering.

We DISCOVER the landscape—observe the environment to understand language, context and culture, ask what, why, how, who, when and where, explore “what is” and identify desired outcomes.

We REFLECT on our data—clarify the harvest of our discovery, consider emotions and needs, explore relationships and hidden meaning, and integrate client and stakeholder input.

We DREAM about ”what can be”—imagine innovative results, encourage individual ideation and group discussion, map many possible concepts, and generate new models and methods.

We DESIGN products and experiences—create scripts and prototypes, revise with feedback, enhance each iteration, and refine until satisfied – or, better, ecstatic.

We DELIVER on time and within budget—maximize learning, stimulate excitement and passion, and inspire participants to action.

Our team is made up of creative professionals who are:

We are ambitious and persistent achievers. Each one of us is driven to do work that delivers quality and pushes boundaries.

Organization and process provide a scaffold for our creativity. When structure is lacking, we work together to build it.

We are all accountable to one another. We build teams that share the joys of struggle and success.

New ideas make us strong. Listening and learning inspire our creativity.

Humble and Confident
We offer respect and resilience while working together toward shared success.

We’d like to get to know you. Meet our team.
We don’t like to brag, but we do like to share the good news of a successful project.
And speaking of good news: here’s the story of our founder and president, Terry Terry.